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NTN Partners

NTN MEDIATION EDUCATION AND CONSULTANCY CENTER is formed by the  association of 14 founding lawyers expert in their fields and their respective law offices. Founding 14 partners are the alumni of 1999 Class of Marmara University Faculty of Law(hence the name of the organization) and came together this time to establish a mediation center that offers qualified services


NTN targets to be a valuable instrument within the changing legal environment in Turkey, now supporting mediation for resolving disputes, already introduced mandatory mediation (currently) for employment and commercial disputes and is about to include more fields of disputes into the system soon.


We aim to provide a facilitating and reinforcing environment to assist parties to achieve their goals. We view mediation as a process of assisted dialogue among parties to reach satisfying results. Expert mediators in NTN facilitates this process and helps parties resolve the matter in a peaceful and collaborative way.

It is not easy to cope with a conflict or to change the events experienced in the past. However, shaping the future is in your hands. As NTN, we aim to assist parties to shape such future together. NTN has experienced and highly trained experts with professional competence in conducting the mediation process. Our mediators aim to manage this process in the most effective way possible, taking into consideration equality between parties.

NTN is an independent mediation center having no bias to the parties or the matters of dispute. 

"It is not possible for you to change the past, but it in your hands to shape your future."

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