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NTN, considers the purpose of development and dissemination of mediation in Turkey as a social service projects. In this context, NTN Main Office in Maslak GİZ 2000 Plaza has been opened for the use of the mediator colleagues in order to realize qualified mediation activities.


In our center, which has all the technical and administrative infrastructure required in a modern office and is suitable for the physical environment required by mediation, mediation and reconciliation meetings can be held in a quiet, calm and soundproofing environment that provides maximum confidentiality. In this context, we offer the service of meeting rooms, which are located in our center, for the purpose of carrying out mediation activities and disseminating mediation as a requirement of public responsibility.


Following the acceptance procedures determined by NTN, it is aimed to provide a limited number of mediators to serve under NTN roof. NTN Main Office is intended to be free of charge for the use of the Mediator colleagues whose memberships are accepted. To get information about membership of the system, you can call 0 (212) 327 9 999 or e-mail address

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