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Our Expert Services


Technical Expert Support Services

In the case of technical disputes in the mediation process, In accordance with your needs, by the qualified experts in their field the necessary determinations related to the technical problem arising from the technical problem are made and the deficiencies are eliminated and reported. By our center an independent and impartial report is prepared on the issue of dispute, which saves time and provides the most accurate and fair solution.

Valuation Support Services

In our Center, the situations that cannot be reached any conclusion regarding the real estates are determined and reported by experts who are highly qualified in the field of opinions about the valuation.


The services we provide within the scope of our valuation support services are as follows; (i) Determination of the mortgage basis value for mortgages or indemnities to be provided against real estate mortgages, (ii) Preparation of the comparative report of the real estates expertise reports of which have been issued,) (ii) Valuation of property owned during the division of property (inheritance, divorce, etc.), (iii) Determination of the values of real estates subject to rent and leasing transactions. The types of real estate subject to these services are as follows; apartment, detached villa, site, condominium, workplace, plaza, office, hotel, holiday village, shopping center, hyper / supermarket, factory, warehouse, school, tourism areas, land, field, land, private properties, amusement parks, private sector and state property.

Our Accounting and Account Specialist Support Services

Financial services that may arise during the mediation process, preparation of all numerical data related to income and expense items, and reporting of calculations related to labor receivables can also be provided to you by experts who are skilled in the required field in our center. 


 At the same time, all of the following services are provided by our center as an additional support service;

• Recording of accounting documents in legal books according to national legislation and reporting in the asked language

• Preparation and control of personnel payroll

• Preparing insurance declarations and tax returns

• Creation and updating of staff personnel files

• Preparation of periodical and special purpose reports

• Reconstruction of accounting infrastructures of companies and execution of transactions such as selection of software, recruitment etc. required in this process. 

• Submitting the notifications of the Turkish and foreign partner company and the liaison office after the establishment phase to the Foreign Capital Department of the Under secretariat of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economy

• Establishment procedures and branch openings of Turkish and foreign partner companies,

• Change of type and address of Turkish and foreign partner companies,

• Establishment of the company to operate in free zones and consultancy after establishment,

• Preparation of 3-month, 6-month and annual reporting packages to be sent to overseas head office of foreign-owned companies operating in Turkey.

Our Mediation Support Services

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