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Our Consultancy Services


Our Legal Consultancy Services

Mediation is a method of dispute resolution that starts, continues and finalizes with the will of the parties. Regardless of whether the applied mediation is mandatory or voluntary, it may result in partial agreement or non-agreement as well as full agreement.

During or after the mediation process, in accordance with the needs of the disputed parties, the legal consultancy service regarding the dispute they want to be resolved will be provided to them by experienced lawyers in our center.

Our Family Dispute Support Consultancy Services

One of the most important issues related to family disputes is to ensure effective communication between the parties, thus setting free the will of the parties and ensuring that this process, which is difficult for both parties and children, passes more smoothly.

In order to ensure that this process is less destructive for both the parties and the child in terms of psychology, our qualified and experienced couple-family therapists and pedagogues will provide you with the necessary help to ensure success and satisfaction in the process.


Our Account Specialist Support Services

Revision and guidance of the enterprise, selection, preparation and implementation of development plans and models are based on the work of the account specialist. In addition, one of the main duties of the account specialist is tax inspection. Account expert is both an authorized person who knows the rules of tax law and audits, and an expert who knows all aspects of the business with its legal, economic and business culture.

Our center supports you by experts in preparing and editing all financial problems, financing and tax issues, purchasing, selling, producing, costing, fees, various expenses, their numerical expressions and results.

Our Mediation Support Services

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