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Our Valuation Services


Our Company Valuation Services

Company valuation is an application that is carried out by applying special techniques and reviewing many criteria. While calculating the value of the company, both the technical and the basic analysis are carried out to reveal the real value of the company and the current status of the company and the future economic conditions are taken into consideration while providing this service. Our center provides support for the determination of the value of the company, the decision-making process of the companies, the determination of the price in the mergers and purchases and the preparation of the financial statements.

Our Real Estate Valuation Services

As of 04.03.2019, Circular No. 2019/1 issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has made it obligatory to obtain a real estate valuation report in all sales transactions that taken part both as buyer and seller.

In the mediation process, the real estate valuation report from the CMB (SPK) licensed experts can be used in the negotiations before or during the proceedings as well as in the case file as an expert report in order to determine the value of the real estate.

Thanks to the valuation services, the parties will avoid the litigation process that will possibly continue for years and the costs that will be caused in this period and will end the dispute in a short time. Our center provides you real estate valuation services by experts.


Our Audit Support Services

The main objective of the audits is either to identify the defective areas and to enable the institutions to perform better and more successfully. Therefore, in addition to corrective actions, preventive actions should be taken into consideration. In order to provide transparent and continuous conditions for companies; In order to improve the quality of financial reporting, independent auditing and corporate governance, it provides all necessary services through experts.

Accounting and Account Specialist Support Services


The main purpose of accounting and account support services is to fulfill the requirements required by law and to provide healthy and continuous information to company partners and executives. In this context, our center will provide you with accounting and accounting expertise, through experts who have the skills of mathematical and analytical thinking based on the professional knowledge and experience of accounting, reporting, payroll, accounting revision services and all kinds of accounting and tax consultancy, in line with your needs in the disputes arising during the mediation process

Our Mediation Support Services

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