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Mediation Services in Consumer Disputes


According to our legal system; Contracts concluded by a party for “non-commercial or non-professional purposes are considered as consumer transactions / contracts, and cases arising from consumer transactions are dealt with in consumer courts.

However, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 68 of the Law no. 6502 on Consumer Protection, it is mandatory to apply to the Consumer Arbitration Committees in consumer disputes below 8.480 TL. In the disputes below this amount, mediation shall not be considered as a pre-condition of litigation since the provisions of mediation shall not be applicable in cases where it is compulsory to apply to arbitrator in accordance with Article 18, paragraph A, of Law no 6325 on Mediation in Civil Disputes. In this context, consumer disputes above 8.480 TL will be subject to mediation if it is considered to be a commercial litigation pursuant to article 4 of the Turkish Commercial Code or special laws. Our Center has a team of high quality mediators for the resolution of consumer conflicts over 8.480 TL and serves you in the resolution of these disputes.

Mediation Services

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